DivineAlignSB-Erika Winston
LMT, ATSI Practitioner, RFST Trainer


Are you ready to feel freedom in your body and mind?

Let me help you...

My goal is to facilitate in your healing according to what is right for you. I use numerous modalities to integrate the proper treatment and energetic balance. My intention is to create more space in your body (fascia) to allow optimal freedom of movement and expression. I encourage people to add bodywork as a regular part of their lives to achieve structural and functional harmony!

NEW- Offering Online Zoom sessions which include:

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training stretches, QiGong, Breathwork and

the 1-minute Shift.

I am looking forward to helping you feel amazing. laugh


Erika Winston, LMT, ATSI Structural Integration Practitioner, RFST Trainer

"Awareness makes the Change"


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