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LMT, ATSI Practitioner, RFST Trainer
About the Practitioner

Erika Winston, LMT, ATSI Structural Integration Practitioner, RFST Trainer

Erika has always felt a strong affinity towards the healing therapies and began studying Massage Therapy and Reiki in 2005. She has in-depth training in ATSI Structural Integration, Orthopedic massage, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, and has achieved a Reiki master level. She has earned over 1200 hours of training/education and over 600 hours in Continuing Education Units (CEU's). She consistently attends workshops and seminars to further her knowledge. She recently became a trainer in this revolutionary system called Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training, also known as the Genius of Flexibility. This is a subtractive method of removing dense/scar tissue from the body while being actively stretched (pain-free). It correlates with the Chinese meridians and has personality traits that go with each organ. It is a complete system that covers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. In addition to her private practice, she also worked with the Women's Tennis Association and U.S. National Soccer team.

She has a broad, yet specialized understanding of the body/mind/spirit connection and how to facilitate healing with each individual client. She is enthusiastic, extremely committed to her work, and conducts services professionally, with a high level of dignity and integrity.

Erika is originally from New Jersey and received a 4-year tennis scholarship to the University of Miami where she played Division 1 Women's Tennis. After college, she competed professionally in Europe. She was a Teaching Pro for 7 years at several top-tier Country Clubs, teaching private lessons, clinics, and summer camps. In addition, Erika earned her Master's degree in Educational Technology in 2001, and is nationally certified in Elementary/Middle School Physical Education. She taught P.E. Classes at the elementary school level for 11 years, until choosing massage therapy as her primary passion.

She likes to keep in shape and balanced by practicing meditation, QiGong, cycling and hiking. She likes traveling and being a lifelong learner. Joyful service and gratitude is big part of her daily life.


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