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LMT, ATSI Practitioner, RFST Trainer

Erika is my top referral for massage and the finest massage therapist that I've worked with throughout the years. I coach a number of world class athletes and I send them all to Erika. Erika has also helped me to stay healthy so that I can continue to train and race at my best. She is warm, kind, and attuned, and adapts each session to my needs on that given day. Erika is passionate about her work and engages in continuing education to advance her techniques and develop new skills. Erika is genuine and caring, and these qualities inform every element of her work.

Mateo Mercur, UCSB Track Coach, Triathlete

Erika is an outstanding professional.  I am a physical therapist and have worked with her as part of a multi-disciplinary team with elite professional athletes.  Erika has the unique ability of being able to quickly assess the most beneficial treatment techniques to use with her clients and as such has had great results.  Her natural caring nature and affable personality immediately puts her clients at ease and she builds trusting relationships.  Erika’s clinical skills are unmatched and her knowledge base allows her to be able to educate her clients on preventative measures, which is so important for their overall wellbeing.

I have no hesitation in recommending Erika. She is an excellent massage therapist.

Carole Doherty, Physical Therapist


Erika’s massage work is an extraordinary experience. She is very skilled, highly trained, intuitive, sensitive to client’s needs, and gives each person her focused attention during their session. Erika works out the Wellness for Life Chiropractic office, works for Corporate Touch, and also does home visits. Erika is a Core Massage Therapist for the Women’s Tennis Association and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, working on professional athletes during tournaments and training. Erika comes from the world of professional athletes having spent many years playing and teaching as a tennis pro. This pro attitude translates into a level of excellence that reflects in everything Erika does. She is overflowing with integrity, wellness, knowledge and drive that makes her a true professional.

Debra Farris, L.M.T.


I've been going to Erika for massage for 5 years. I'm an elite athlete and I've experienced that getting regular massage from Erika makes a big difference in my ability to recover and perform at my best. She's the most professional, knowledgeable, grounded, warm and sensitive massage therapist I've worked with. We always talk when I arrive about how I'm feeling and what I need that day. She's has the ability to really be in-tune with me and customize each massage accordingly. I recommend Erika to all of my friends and athletes and I think she is the best!

Lauren Capone,  Professional Triathlete


Erika Winston is one of the best bodyworkers I have ever encountered, bar none. I have had a lot of massages through my life, but nobody gets it like Erika does. I really never have to even tell her what is bothering me, she feels it by simply touching. She has a soft touch when needed and goes deeper when called for. Through her years with the US Pro-Tennis team, she has developed skills that no one else can touch (no pun intended)

Hans Betzholtz, President, HiFi Club, Santa Barbara


Erika's extensive work with professional athletes gives her unique insight into the dynamics of bodies in motion, and her ever-deepening mastery of technique allows her to work with intuition and confidence to quickly relieve my areas of pain and resistance. 

Ray Evans


I have had countless massages throughout the years from therapists, all over the world. Erika however is unique in so many ways. Not only is she an athlete but Erika is a skilled practitioner, with years of experience. She is extremely intelligent and brings her wealth of health and wellbeing knowledge to the massage table. Erika’s massages move me into a different space. Do yourself a favor and get a massage from Erika!

Stan Krome, President, PathIgniter


Erika is a skilled practitioner, with sensitive hands and a vast knowledge of her field and of the human experience. In my 34 years as a practitioner myself, I have met few with her skill and sensitivity. She is a real treat.

Rich Goodstein, Advanced Certified Rolfer, Executive Coach, Somatic Educator/Trainer



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